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Gozo GeographyNestled almost in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea is the tiny island of Malta and its two sister islands, the more diminutive Gozo and the even smaller Comino. The beauty of the islands is breath-taking and the Malta's geography, while small, belies the grandeur contained within its shores.

Visitors to Malta can enjoy its close proximity to Sicily and Italy to the north. A little further to the south of the Malta shores is the African continent, for the geography of Malta has located it as the perfect stepping stone between Africa and Europe. Malta and the two smaller islands contain many bays where water sports, fishing and long, pristine beaches create the perfect atmosphere for vacationers.

The main island of Malta and the smaller Gozo and Comino islands are the only ones that are inhabited, but in fact, there are actually seven islands that make up the archipelago of Malta. While Malta, Gozo and Comino are the most well-known, all of the islands are lush and beautiful with plenty of places to revel in the relaxing Mediterranean warmth and get away from it all. Malta's geography means that deep water channels run between the islands, so boats or ferries are required to get to the other islands that surround the main island of Malta. The islands of Malta are also well known for their beautiful crystal clear blue water, but the gorgeous beaches aren’t all there is to the beauty of the area.

The geographical location of Malta is the main reason for the eclectic culture and atmosphere in the cities. The amazing architecture comes from many centuries of occupation by cultures from Greek, Spanish and Arab to French and the earlier Phoenicians. Still, it can’t be denied that the beaches of Malta are a big attraction. They offer excellent swimming with picture perfect harbours and magnificent rock outcroppings in stark juxtaposition. Along the shores tourists can enjoy some of the best seafood to be found anywhere in the world.

In a total land space smaller than twice the size of the U.S. state of Washington D.C, tourists can discover all there is to see in a reasonable period of time, but to really soak up all that there is to experience in Malta could easily take a lifetime.

Getting Around in Malta

Tourists can arrive in Malta by several means. There are boats from most countries in the Mediterranean, or fly into Malta International Airport from anywhere in the world. Once on land, getting around is easiest by bus or taxi. Bus fares are low and operate until 11 pm. If you want to be more independent you can rent a car or motorcycle. Taxis are available for private public transportation 24-hours a day.

Visitors to Malta don't have to worry too much about motorized transportation, however. The geography of Malta lacks mountains or even high hills, so the easy to tread terrain is mostly flat and low, making walking a great way to see the sights.

Malta truly proves the old saying "size doesn't matter." It offers a big experience in a little package.

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