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Malta Village About is your constantly updated Malta weather forecaster. We bring you accurate and easy to read Malta weather 5 day forecasts so you can plan your week accordingly.

We know that there are a lot of Malta weather sites out there, but when we set out to create we wanted to create a site that was easy to read and which let you see Malta weather 5 days in advance at a glance.

Also, for those that want a more in-depth picture of the weather forecast, offers you a wide variety of charts and satellite images that not only look at the weather in Malta, but also offer you a view of what is happening in Europe too.

Of course, it wasn't always this way and the weather in Malta has an interesting history.

History of Malta Weather Readings

Given our island's strategic location, correct observations of the weather in Malta have always been important. However, rainfall records only date back to 1851, while temperature recordings reach back to 1865.

Most Malta weather readings were made in a one mile radius from Valletta, although in 1901 (until 1966) rainfall and temperature readings fell under the purview of the Department of Physics at the University of Malta.

The first meteorological office actually opened in 1922 and was located in Guardamangia, moving to St John's Cavalier just five years later. The weather forecast Malta so depended on during the Second World War actually moved underground with the Services Operation Staff as instruments and equipment were often damaged by enemy air raids.

It wasn't until 1943 that observation and forecasting stations moved to Luqa, with the Meteorological Office fully falling under the civil aviation's remit in 1979.

Malta Weather Forecast Today

Many of the problems that dogged those first Malta weather observers do not apply today. Modern technology, satellites and computers provide a detailed and accurate picture of the weather in Malta, allowing constant updates and careful tracking of weather systems. harnesses this to provide you with a single point of reference for all your Malta weather needs. Make sure you bookmark us and never have to worry about the weather forecast again.

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